“Scared to Come Back to Work after a Robbery..”

A robbery spree in the Little Rock area left two gas stations, a fast-food restaurant and a bank in its wake – as well as shaken employees who are scared to return to their jobs.

“Sara Tims says she’s been scared to come back to work after a robbery Wednesday last week. Police believe Nickarlos Banks robbed her co-worker.

“So he came around and put a knife on the side of the clerk and grabbed his neck and grabbed all the money,” says Tims….”

The common element at each victimized location? Not one had an architectural security system.

The cost of replacing a valued employee versus the cost of a installing an effective robbery deterrent system? There is no comparison.

Protect your staff, your assets and your customers from the threat of violent robbery with an architectural security system.

(To read the full article at todaysthv.co click here)

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