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Architectural Security, The Clear Deterrent to Armed Violent Robbery-

Cameras and alarm systems are not deterrents to bank robberies, but are simply “after the fact” apprehension tools. These products have NEVER physically protected personnel, customers, or assets. Robbers know that new digital cameras are in place, yet they still actively rob banks. FBI statistics show that today’s banks are at greater risk for armed violence than ever before. These same statistics show that bandit barrier systems are a very effective deterrent to the would-be bank robber. Given the choice, a robber will leave a bank with a barrier and seek out an easier target.

Banking Bandit Barrier - Recent Project Clear Security Systems

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The industry claims that barriers “are unattractive” and “that they cut off customer/teller relationships” were well founded when barriers could not properly transmit sound, were not made of water clear materials, and did not feature the architectural flexibility to compliment the bank interiors. Clear Security Systems specializes in architectural solutions that replace traditional barrier systems. Our SecurSound™ design provides clear voice transmission as one Operational Vice President told us……..”Our customers have told us that the renovation looks great, but all we did was install a bandit barrier. It has brightened up the branch. Customers also continue to thank us for making them feel safer.

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