Check Cashing Facilities

Check Cashing Facilities Can Be Just as Large a Target for Criminals, and in Some Cases More So!

The concept of check cashing facilities originated in the 1930’s for employees who did not have bank accounts, but needed an alternative to cashing their payroll checks at local bars and stores. Today’s check cashing stores provide numerous services for people who are unable to, or are reluctant to maintain bank accounts.
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Unfortunately many check cashing locations are located in urban neighborhoods where violent crime statistics greatly exceed suburban or rural areas. Check cashing stores are convenient not only to customers, but to potential robbers. By installing a Clear Security System, you will provide a highly visible, clear deterrent against robberies. Customers and employees are much safer after the installation of our architectural security system.

Check cashing locations are now looking more and more like banks. They have transitioned from the small dark individual transaction windows with little or no sound transfer, to a banking type counter and a more open environment. Clear Security Systems can provide attractive turn-key counter systems and the related barrier system, using all UL tested and rated bullet resistant materials. Our systems also provide excellent voice transfer between customers and employees.

When considering a new check cashing location or when renovating an existing facility, call on Clear Security Systems for design ideas and budget costs. View a recent check cashing facility project. (click to enlarge any image)

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